General Club Inquiries; 

Email or via post at
Manly Roos JRUC, 28 La Perouse Street, FAIRLIGHT NSW 2094

Playing Enquiries:

Contact the relevant age coordinator, registrar or president listed below. 

2021 Committee

Acting President: Andy Evans, 0400 949 703,
Minis (Vice President): Justin Taudien, 0415 468 868,
Juniors (Vice President): Andy Evans, 0400 949 703,
Registrar: Bippy Power, 0411 813 530,
Club Co-ordinator: Bippy Power, 0411 813 530, 
Secretary:  Hamish Matherson,
Treasurer: Alan Main, 0419 692 369,
Fundraising: John Manchee, 0419 692 369,

2021 Key Positions

Women’s Rugby: Hamish Matherson,
Playing Uniform and Kit: Bippy Power, 0411 813 530,
Playing Sheds: Greg Cole,
Merchandise: Bippy Power, 0411 813 530,
Website: Alan Main, 0419 692 369,
Canteen: Bippy Power, 0411 813 530,
Manly Reps (MJRU): Andy Evans, 0400 949 703,

2021 Age Managers

U6: Justin Taudien, 0415 468 868,
U7: Luisa Fryday, 0433 077 778,
U8: Evadne (Vads) Janeke, 0424 429 668,
U9: Rob James, 0423 980 146,

U10: Justin Taudien, 0415 468 868,
U11: Bippy Power, 0411 813 530,
U12: Philip Sullivan, 0422 957 503,
U13: Andy Evans, 0400 949 703,
U14: Scott Rylands, 0488 338 803,

2021 Minis Head Coaches

U6: Scott Foketi
U7: Ben Garcia
U8: Stuart West
U9: Giles Swindley
Contact Head Coaches via Manly Roos Minis Coordinator

For U15 and above, this 2021 season the Manly Roos, Seaforth Raiders, Harbord Harlequins and Allambie Jets have linked in with the Manly Savers Rugby Club to form a new junior rugby club (rather than individual teams).  Please contact the Manly Roos Juniors Coordinator for further details.


  1. Would like to register my 7 year old (2009) for rugby this season! Wanting to know cost (first time player) days of training/play, and where would they be playing throughout the season. Thank you.

    • Hi Melinda, thanks for the note. Kids born in 2009 will be in the U8s. If you contact the U8s age manager, Kerri Corn, 0408 348 733 she will be able to give you all the details. But I know that U8s training is Wednesday, Manly Oval from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm. games are Saturday morning at fields only on the northern beaches.. furthest north is Newport and furthest west is Forrestville. Cheers Marty

  2. Hi. Do you have space in under 11’s please? Our son needs to change clubs and has a preference to move to the Roo’s. Played A Club an B Marlins under 10″s last year. Please if you have a spot it would be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Sally, thanks for the note. Is your son Cameron? If so, I spoke with your husband and asked him to email details through to me of your son’s name etc so that I could organise the transfer etc. Can you email me at

      Thanks and Cheers

  3. Hi, My 9 year old son wants to play. I understand that we have missed this season but wondering if there are any vacation / holiday things that my son could take to learn more about the game? Thank you

    • Hi Morgan,

      We do run a holiday camp in July each year but given he’s 9 I would be hesitant to include him as we have a duty of care so he’d need to be coached on how to tackle and be tackled so perhaps come along to one of our try rugby session in March next year.

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