This form of rugby is for the complete novice. Players compete in a non-contact “tag” based game that focuses on ball handling and running skills. Similar to Touch Rugby, this 8-a-side game is designed to combine basic skills with Rugby Union concepts in a fun environment, suitable for both male and female players.

Playing Guidelines: U6 and U7

Scoring team kicks off – punt or place kick. Let the opposition gather the ball and encourage some “space” to run. Share among the players.

On the first occurrence of 10 tags or 5 knock-ons.
If a player runs into touch, count as 1 tag.

What constitutes a tag?
U6: Two-handed touch below the shoulders.
U7: Two handed touch on or below the shorts (if higher, not paid.)
If a player is tagged in the act of scoring a try, a try is to be awarded.

Coaches to agree before the game whether to kick conversions. (In U6’s it may be considered time consuming.)
Share among the players.

U6: early in the season be lenient in awarding the effort of attempting to score a try, close enough is usually good enough to award a try. (Often when a new player is over the try line and is told to “put the ball down”, the player drops the ball – award a try and explain how to put (PLACE) the ball down. Offer praise to the defensive team as well when a try is scored against them and don’t have the scoring team over celebrate and no ridiculing the defensive team.

All players must be approximately 5 metres back from the ruck (play the ball area) behind the referee.
Tags made by defenders within this range do not count. Referee to call “Offside – play on.”

Scrums, lineouts and tackles
U6: Nil
U7: With 5 rounds to go, teams could attempt (by agreement) 2 x 2 man lineouts (uncontested) and 2 x 3 man scrums (uncontested), and tackling. This is preparation for the U8’s.

Player Numbers
7 players per team. If both teams have reserves, coaches may agree to increase player numbers and match up if a team has lower numbers.

Referring / whistles
If possible, a referee from each club will referee a half each.  ALWAYS have a whistle in the kit bag.

All players to shake hands before and after the game.
3 cheers for the opposition and 3 cheers for the referees after the game.


  • Size 3 balls (Mini)
  • Playing area – 40m x 25m
  • 15 minutes per half (and 5 minute half-time break)
  • Play the mark from point of tag. If overrun, pull the player back – most important to set the ground rules here.
  • Each player required to score a try as early in the season as possible. (On-field negotiation between coaches may be required – be fair and patient.)
  • U6: Each team may have 2 coaches on the field, especially early on in the season.
  • U7: May have 2 coaches on the field, upon agreement, for cases like behavioural issues.

Have fun and let’s not be over competitive, especially in the U6.

Download Playing Guidelines for U6 and U7