Minis Competition

Our Minis teams play in a Northern Beaches competition administered by the Manly Junior Rugby Union (MJRU). Contact the Minis Coordinator or your age coordinator for any details.

2024 Minis Draws

2024 draw TBC

Rules of Minis Rugby

Minis games are played to a modified version of rugby. The ARU believe that younger rugby union players should be introduced to the game gradually through its Pathway program. The pathway is based on research on children in sport which concluded that modified pathways offer great opportunities for children to develop skills and confidence. Children as young as six greatly enjoy rugby through non-contact versions of the game. Pathway Rugby should be free flowing with the purpose of developing the skills of running, balance, ball handling and contact.

Under 6 and 7 Walla Rugby

This form of rugby is for the complete novice. Players compete in a non-contact “tag” based game that focuses on ball handling and running skills. Similar to Touch Rugby, this 8-a-side game is designed to combine basic skills with Rugby Union concepts in a fun environment, suitable for both male and female players. See more details on U6 and U7 rules.

Under 8 and 9 Mini Rugby

The Under 8 players are introduced to a more technical approach to the game, with tackling and line-outs and an increase in the number of players to 10 per side. The Under 9 players play a similar game with the addition of scrums and a larger pitch. See more details on U8 and U9 rules.

Roos Grading Policy: Minis U6s to U9s

Where there are one or more teams in the same age group,  a ‘mates play with mates’ policy will apply wherever possible, player numbers permitting.  The Roos believe that participation and basic skill development is important at these ages.  Every attempt is made to create an enjoyable environment for all boys, regardless of their ability.

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  1. Hi
    My daughter who is 6 and a half ,will turn 7 July 31st
    And my son is 4 turning 5 March 5th

    Play rugby league on the same unders 7s side
    Saturday mornings, train Wednesday arvos.
    I’m keen for them to play union this year too

    Can they join the Roos and play on the same team ?
    Is there a phone number I can call?

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