Our Juniors teams (U10-Open) play in a Sydney wide competition run by the Sydney Junior Rugby Union (SJRU). For further details, see:

ResultsVault Site & App

All Junior SJRU draws and results can be viewed via the ResultsVault app: http://resultsvaultapp.interactsport.com/#download

Although TeamApp gives you all your team and club news, this is the best App to know accurately:
– the time and location of your team’s games (with a direct add to your own Calendar)
– the results of every team in your competition
– the table for your competition
– the ability to switch between your own team and all Roos teams for draw and results.

This information runs directly from the SJRU RugbyLink website/draw, so it is accurate.

Game Day Requirements

There are four people that each junior team has to have for all games:

  1. Linesmen/Assistant referees. All junior teams (U10 and above) must have a qualified assistant referee at all games, or you will lose competition points. There are several courses available locally. See the course list here. There is a course at KP on 5 May. You need your ARU registration number for the sign-on sheets.
  2. Coaches: Similarly, coaches above U10 must be qualified to coach kids’ rugby. See the course list here.  All coaches who have done the course find it incredibly valuable, so minis coaches are very much encouraged as well. Smart rugby coaching course at KP on 29 April.
  3. Ground marshals: Who wear the nice orange vest. Our parents cannot get carried away. This is not the Bledisloe Cup. There is a code of conduct which you would think would be second nature. Unfortunately it isn’t. Almost every season someone seems to want to shame themselves, their kids and their club (thankfully not often ours). It is almost always a coach or manager. Let’s avoid it this year. Leave it to other sports. Ground marshals are there to make sure the game can continue in a good spirit. The ref can pull out a black card at any time and stop the game if it isn’t.
  4. First aid officer. We must provide a first aid officer for each SJRU home game. The Roos have arranged for a first aid officer at Keirle Park games for the season.

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