Sydney Junior Rugby Union competition

All the latest laws of the game to the ARU code of conduct and the SJRU competition rules can be found on the SJRU Resources Page.

Latest SRJU Rules can be found here.


Insurance – Details on the ARU policy and claims can be found here.  It covers all injuries occuring in team-related activity, including training and tours.

Concussion – If a doctor, referee or first aid person says that a concussion has occured, the ARU Headsafe protocols rules apply.  Key points are to stop playing immediately if concussion is a possibility, and if confirmed a player can only return to play after two weekends off and with a doctor’s certificate of clearance.

Injury notices to our Club – If a child is injured at all while playing or training with the Roos, please email us with the name, age, injury, whether an ambulance was called, and whether an insurance claim is being made.

Very serious injury.  These are suspected spinal injuries and hospital admissions only (not just emergency department or ambulance treatments). For these rare cases, the ARU protocols are found here. Main steps are to notify call the ARU Hotline on 1800 036 156, and call the Roos President who will assist in completing the online serious injury form.

Working with children declaration

The NSW Working with Children Declaration is required for all coaches and managers. [Legally it is required for all non-parent volunteers; Roos possibly is consistent with most other clubs in Sydney – that all volunteer coaches and managers must have a Declaration recorded by the Club. Click on NSW Working with Children Declaration to apply and send a copy of the cleared declaration to

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