Roos’ Grand Final Winners

Congratulations to the Manly Roos’ Junior Rugby Sides: U10s Blues and U10s Reds who both won their respective Grand Finals vs East Bays @ Mittigar Reserve today (Sep 2nd 2018). Pictured are the U10s Reds lifting up the Cup!

Well done to the teams, coaches and managers for a great effort this season and a great win today. And well done to all the other Roos / Vikings teams who played in Grand Finals today (a record number for the Roos/Vikings).

Looking forward to celebrating at the Roos’ Annual Presentation Day next Sunday 9th September 2018.

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  1. I would like to make a special mention to one of the Under 10’s former coaches Chris Cameron Doe who is now living in the USA. Chris was with us in spirit today. The boys love for Rugby was initially instilled in the boys from the Under 6’s and this is the first year he hasn’t been a coach. Thanks Chris and also Andy Evans and our awesome President James Maxwell. Shippers.

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