Introducing the Roos’ 2018 Committee, and Thank You

To all the Roos Club,

At a swashbuckling AGM on Wednesday night, the 2018 committee emerged prime and unopposed. I’m absolutely delighted to announce these six great people to lead the Manly Roos through 2018 and beyond. They are truly dedicated and talented Roos parents and will do the Club proud.

Most importantly, I hope that all the Roos families will give them the great support that they have given me, and help the Club continue to play great rugby, with a great spirit and culture, against all comers.

President – James Maxwell (huge round of applause!!)
Juniors VP – Andy Evans (and another, and another for Bex!)
Minis VP – Geoff Costello (a real win for the Club!)
Secretary – Kerri Corn (elegance and efficiency personified!)
Treasurer – Alan Main (in everything, now paying for it!)
Registrar – Bippy Power (the smiling powerhouse returns!)

That’s a good mix of continuity and new blood, which is excellent. Sincere thanks to Ciaran Gray for running the accounts as Treasurer these last 2 years, and keeping us all straight and sane.

Special thanks and congratulations to James Maxwell for taking on the presidential jersey. James (or Max when it suits to confuse bystanders) is rugby through and through, with great links to the local, State and national bodies, and he (and Bec) will continue to do everything in their power for the Roos. A repeat of their impromptu Mothers’ Day 2016 treats would be more than enough!

Which allows me to say thanks for all the opportunities and fun for the last 10 years at the Club. I’ve sent a note round to thank all the coaches, managers and volunteers for all their support over the past years. Keep those boys and now girls enthused about the greatest game of all (here’s a reminder why), remember that to beat the kiwis you have to catch-run-draw-pass-backup, not just catch-run, and that there are fifty things worth celebrating in every game before mentioning the ref.

Go the Roos!

Josh (ex-Prez and lifelong supporter)