Vikings representative players 

Congratulations to the all the U14-16s Roos and Vikings players who have made the next level of representation.  We’re eagerly waiting to hear from the U10-13s to see how our teams went. The U12s Manly side with a host of Roos lost a thriller final 14-5 against a powerful Western Suburbs outfit, while the U13s bowed out in the quarter-finals. Sounds like a great weekend from all! U12 Roos: Cole Van de Water, Brandon Smith, Joshua Turner, Sebastian Bush, Gabe High, Sam Davies

U13 Roos: Tom ODell, Isaac Torrens, Jonathan Taufa, Lachoneus Paki, Taylor Kerr, Flynn Kelly, Eddie Sisson, Jamie Clark

U14s Sydney Reps: Adam Eglesz, Tony Francis, Blair Healey, Tyrone Holakeituai, Unga Latu, Samivela Pinomi

U15s Northern Zone: Daniel Ala, Angus Allen, Tom Latu, Wil McBean, Jacob Ratcliff, David Vei, Jasper Welsh

U16s Northern Zone: Finlay Dennisson, Robbie Grant, Jamie regan